Friday, June 3, 2011

Miss Loretta Todd/Quick

My Great Grandmother had been doing really bad like 2 weeks ago (On a Wednesday) and they didnt think she would make it over the weekend or her birthday! Well she proved all of us wrong, she made it passed the weekend and passed her birthday! Wish was yesterday! She turned 88. She has out lived her husbands and kids and so on..... Well this morning at 7:05am she went to be with our lord! :( I went this morning to my aunt Wanda's house and said my good bye's to her and stayed with the family for a little bit! I just dont know what to do! I wish she was still here, she would always make you laugh! lol They went to the funeral home about 1:30 to make the arrangments. So im not sure when they will be! I just hope & pray that the family don't argue on the funeral arrangments! I Love you Granny! I miss you!